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Clarity Mind Mindset Coach Meditation Tearcher

Outcast to Guru: Happiness Revealed. It’s Not Where You Think

Today, I’m here to share a deeply personal story of self-discovery and transformation. As a mindset coach and meditation teacher, I've walked the path of self-realization, and I want to offer you a glimpse into the incredible journey of finding your true self. In our fast-paced world, we often find ourselves reaching for the stars,…

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roman melnychuk Ahxl4HD2X3A unsplash

How Positive Self Talk Elevates Your Mental Well Being: Harness 3 Superpowers for Lasting Happiness

Have you ever noticed that the stories you tell yourself about yourself can have a big impact on how happy you feel? It's true! The way you think about yourself and your experiences can really influence your mood and overall happiness levels.  So, let's dive in and uncover how embracing the superpowers of non-duality, mindfulness…

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