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Inspired by my hero Derek Sivers, here’s what I’m up to right now ..


  • I coach clients at where I am a mindset coach where I help over-thinkers break through mental blocks that sabotage their progress and success.


  • Just finished writing this song called, “The Only Moment Now.”
  • Just finished writing a guitar tune called “Awakening.” 
  • Practicing jazz fusion and finger style guitar daily.


  • I write a weekly newsletter that shifts your mindset to a higher version of YOU


  • Continually creating blog posts, memes and graphic images with custom quotes and posting to several social media outposts.

Pro Audio for Voice Over


Journalling Self-Coaching

  • Spending an hour a day in the morning by the pool self-coaching to optimize and Live our Best Lives.


  • Walking around Tampa Bay a lot. Dreaming.
  • Working out a gym 4 times per week. Love yoga.


  • I am a podcast addict on topics like neuroscience, biology, health sciences, mindfulness, meditation, non-dualism, advaita vedanta, psychology.
  • In the middle of reading “I Am That” by Nissargadatta Maharaj.

What time is it?

The Power of
Effortless Action

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