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Inspired by my hero Derek Sivers, here’s what I’m up to right now …
Big Move

  • Just sold off 80% of my belongings to lighten up and have more experiences. Moved from the moutains to the beach.


  • Business coaching for clients around vision, branding, messaging, growth and online marketing.


  • Just finished writing this song called, “The Only Moment Now.”
  • Booked a fundraising gig for our band, “The Itch.”
  • Practicing jazz fusion and finger style guitar daily.



  • Getting ready to send out a newsletter to my list.
  • Continually creating memes and graphic images with custom quotes and posting to several social media outposts.



  • Spending an hour per day in meditation.
  • Getting ready to record a free binaural beat brain entrainment guided meditation as a free gift to my list.

Public Speaking

  • Trying to set up a new Toastmaster group at the beach location I moved to. Giving speeches.

Lifestyle Design

  • Spending an hour a day in the morning by the pool self-coaching to optimize and Live our Best Lives.
  • Just started using Asana, which I love to help me get structure and order in my life.


  • Walking the beach a lot. Dreaming.
  • Working out a gym 4 times per week. Love yoga.


  • Listening to a ton of podcasts.
  • In the middle of reading “I Am That” by Nissargadatta Maharaj.

What time is it?