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Here’s what I’m up to NOW, thanks to a great mentor: Derek Sivers


I’m a transformational mindset coach, meditation teacher, and creative entrepreneur, helping stressed-out creative entrepreneurs overcome overthinking, reset their mindset for better decisions, focus, peak productivity, and a burnout-free, best-life journey.


I teach a weekly 40 minute meditation on Zoom every Sunday at 10:00 AM, EST


I just posting a youtube video of a new guitar piece I wrote called, “Call it a Day.”

I finished writing this song called, “The Only Moment Now.”

I finished writing a guitar tune called “Awakening.”

Practicing jazz fusion and finger style guitar daily. 


Working on my YouTube Channel. Just finished posting a youtube video on “How to Fee Your Feelings.”

Just posted a video Kenny Rocking out on guitar


I write a weekly blog post on


I create blog posts, memes and graphic images with custom quotes and posting to several social media outposts.

Audio Editing for Voice Over

I just finished editing medical narration audio for my wife’s voice over business

I just got done doing the sound design for this video animation


 ~ What time is it? NOW: Updated April 29, 2024 ~