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The Only Moment Now – Single Track


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Introducing “The Only Moment Now” – A Mindfulness Song to remind you to observe, and fully experience the beauty of the present moment.

Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of “The Only Moment Now,” a captivating music track crafted by composer Ken LaDeroute and brought to life by the enchanting vocals of Amy LaDeroute. This music creation is more than just a song; it’s a mindful experience designed to guide you to the realm of presence and awareness.

In a world bustling with distractions and constant demands for our attention, “The Only Moment Now” serves as a gentle reminder to embrace the present moment. Let Amy LaDeroute’s evocative vocals transport you to a serene mental space, while Ken LaDeroute’s skillful guitar melodies weave a tapestry of tranquility around you. With its carefully woven lyrics and soothing melodies, this track encapsulates the essence of mindfulness. Order now and embark on a musical voyage that leads to a heightened sense of presence and awareness.