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Inspired by my hero Derek Sivers, here’s what I’m up to right now . Updated February 14, 2024


    • I coach clients at helping stressed-out creative entrepreneurs overcome overthinking, reset their mindset for better decisions, focus, peak productivity, and a burnout-free, best-life journey. 




    • Writing a weekly blog post on 
    • I write a weekly newsletter that helps stressed-out and anxious entrepreneurs overcome overthinking through mindful mindset makeovers so the can make better decisions, focus, manage their emotions, find clarity and master their inner game for a simpler, burn-out free life without continually running past the finish line.  


    • Continually creating blog posts, memes and graphic images with custom quotes and posting to several social media outposts.

Pro Audio for Voice Over


Journalling Self-Coaching

    • Spending an hour a day in the morning by the pool self-coaching to optimize and Live our Best Lives.


    • Walking around Tampa Bay a lot. Dreaming.

    • Working out a gym 4 times per week. Love yoga.


    • I am a podcast addict on topics like neuroscience, biology, health sciences, mindfulness, meditation, non-dualism, advaita vedanta, psychology.

    • In the middle of reading “I Am That” by Nissargadatta Maharaj.

What time is it? NOW: Updated February 14, 2024