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CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURS: Are you tired of the pressure to continually produce innovative work leading to burnout, affecting your creativity, productivity, mental health and well being?

How to Break Free From Stress & Burnout without Time Management or Goal Setting even if You’ve Failed at Mindfulness & Meditation Before.

Ever feel caught in the relentless whirlwind of overthinking, unable to break free from the constant chatter in your mind? If you’re a creative entrepreneur wrestling with the chaos, battling self-doubt, and haunted by burnout, your search for a transformative solution ends right here.

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Navigating the Dark Nights of Overthinking and Burnout:

For countless creative minds, nights often transform into a battleground of overthinking—an incessant symphony of racing thoughts, burdened by self-doubt, and haunted by burnout. It’s a struggle that may have led you to seek solace in mindfulness meditation, only to find that the peace you crave remains elusiv

But what if there’s a way to transform those restless nights into a sanctuary of clarity, without the need for time management, goal setting, or revisiting failed attempts at mindfulness? 

Clarity Mindset Makeover: Unleash Your Creative Brilliance, Break Free from Burnout

Imagine a serene mind, a flourishing creative spirit, and the ability to make confident decisions. At Clarity Mind Coaching, our Clarity Mindset Makeovers (CMM) sessions are tailored just for you.

Through personalized coaching and mindfulness techniques, we guide you to overcome mental clutter, rediscover your passion, and simplify your creative life.

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The Fix: Clarity Mindset Makeovers (CMM)

I’m the go-to guru for stressed-out creatives, dedicated to kicking overthinking to the curb. Envision your mind, once a chaotic mess, now a zen masterpiece. It’s time to bid farewell to burnout, make confident decisions, and flourish in your creative prowess.

If you’re tired of lying awake with a racing mind and yearning for change, it’s time to start your own journey. Sign up for a FREE 30-minute strategy session now and unlock the immeasurable value of reshaping your mindset.

Break free from overthinking, find clarity, and unleash the unbounded potential within you. Explore our gallery of success stories below to witness the transformations that others, just like you, have experienced.


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~ Dr. Nikolas Hedberg DC NMD, DABCI, Asheville, North Carolina

"Ken guided me through a clear, imaginative and easy to follow process that gave me exactly what I wanted. My personal and professional life have expanded tremendously since working with Ken. I will not hesitate in the future to work with Ken if I ever need clarity on vision and my true purpose in life.”

Micheal Fuchs e1674001622647
~ Micheal Fuchs CEO & President, Data Bridge Corporation, Asheville, North Carolina:

"I own a technology company with 14 employees that has constant deadlines and stress that just comes along with the job. I was impressed at the calm my employees experienced. I highly recommend Ken LaDeroute.“

Jesse A. White
~Jessie A. White S.C. Environmental Law Project

"In my field as a public interest environmental lawyer, there is no shortage of deadlines, urgent issues or other stress-inducing situations.As someone who is especially susceptible to stress and anxiety, I've long felt meditation could be beneficial but also was intimidated and hesitant to learn the practice on my own. Ken used such simple, straightforward techniques that made the introduction to meditation approachable and seamless.I highly recommend Ken as a coach for practitioners at any level!”

Aleksandra Kowalska2
~ Aleksandra Kowalska Certified Professional Coach, Madrid Spain

Before I met Ken, I was struggling with anxiety caused by overthinking, stress and burnout at work and in my private life. My life was in chaos and felt isolated from my family and friends. Thanks to Ken, I gained a great insight into my inner world, which empowered me to make the changes I needed. I gained the clarity to make right choices and decisions. I found a new, satisfying job. I am much calmer and in control of my emotions when dealing with my family and colleagues. I am a new woman! Highly recommendable!


Turn Stress into Success: Claim Your FREE 30-Minute Mindset Strategy Session Today!

Ready to break free from the grip of overthinking and ignite a transformative journey? Claim your spot for a FREE 30-minute strategy session now to unlock the immeasurable value of reshaping your mindset. Here’s what awaits you:

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Free 30-Minute Strategy Session: Dive deep into your challenges and explore personalized solutions.

Sign up now for a session that could redefine your creative journey. It’s time to transcend overthinking, find clarity, and step into the flourishing realm of your limitless creativity.”

Ready to Transform Your Creative Journey?

🚀 Claim Your FREE 30-Minute Mindset Strategy Session Now!

Embark on a journey from stress to success by unlocking the transformative power of Clarity Mindset Makeovers (CMM). Take the first step towards a revitalized creative spirit, confident decision-making, and a profound sense of clarity