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Ken LaDeroute -

Transformational Mindset Coach, Meditation Teacher and Creative Entrepreneur

Meet Ken LaDeroute, a certified mindset coach and meditation teacher on a mission to empower stressed-out creative entrepreneurs. With a unique blend of expertise in psychology, meditation, business, and music, Ken is more than just a coach – he’s a thought influencer guiding individuals toward their highest potential.

As the founder of Clarity Mind Institute, Ken specializes in helping creative minds overcome overthinking, reset their mindset, and embark on a journey of peak productivity, confident decision-making, and a burnout-free, best-life experience.

Ken’s diverse background includes a successful career as a professional musician touring Canada and the US six nights a week for 14 years. As a super creative, he seamlessly integrates his talents in music, mindfulness meditation, and astute business acumen to facilitate transformative journeys for his clients.

A certified professional mindset coach affiliated with the International Coaching Academy and the International Coaching Federation, Ken has impacted lives globally through his coaching.

Ken LaDeroute
Clarity Mind Consulting

He is renowned for teaching a weekly meditation live on Zoom every Sunday, conducting workshops, and providing mindfulness training to large audiences in North America.

In addition to his coaching expertise, Ken boasts a successful track record as a franchise owner and commercial real estate investor. He brings a wealth of experience from teaching at the university level, inspiring young minds to fulfill their highest potential.

As a prolific songwriter, composer, and audio engineer, Ken has written and produced numerous albums, showcasing his boundless creativity. He is also an accomplished author, sharing his insights through a weekly newsletter and blog that resonates with a global audience.

In 1989, Ken’s life took a profound turn when he was initiated into Kriya Yoga by a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda. This spiritual practice, combined with his commitment to mindfulness meditation, has been a cornerstone of Ken’s personal and professional success.

Ken’s defining moment occurred during a Western Canadian tour in 1975 when he questioned his decision to pursue a musician’s life. This led him on a quest for answers, ultimately discovering the transformative power of meditation. Through consistent practice, Ken overcame limiting beliefs, found clarity, and went on to achieve success in various fields.

Today, as a Certified Professional Mindset Coach, Ken guides over-thinkers in breaking through mental blocks and achieving success. His commitment to mindfulness meditation training, products, and private consulting reflects a dedication to helping clients unleash their full potential.

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